Iso Iso Baby

All right stop
Collaborate and listen
Iso is back with my brand new invention…

Yes, they really are (almost) the words by Mr Vanilla!

So somebody had a good day then? Every now and then I will greedily chew up a blog page with positive news, other than the news of the amaaaazing participating FOUND! artists.

It was a good day, I had the most solid 3 hours on a piece in the studio that I’ve had in weeks. How are you doing? Are you saying out loud “it’s all great, as artists we’re used to being on our own, working away” but then actually just staring off into the middle distance and eating 47 hot cross buns each day? Okay, that could be just me.

Instead of ‘working’ on the purple mat under the bench, studio assistant Sunday likes to lay exactly where the artist usually stands. It’s very helpful, as it makes the artist stop, bend down, and pat. Everyone wins.

But the distractions right now are enormous, even if not tuned into the news cycle, and our refocus comes through all those rituals we all know that work for us. Even if sometimes we don’t know they’re our ‘pre-start’ practices.

I set the alarm, I got up really early, I walked the studio assistant, vacuumed up some studio assistant (how is she not naked?), had tea, put on my work uniform and actual shoes, then sauntered downstairs with a coffee to start the day. And worked.

And the finish of the day was made SO SWEET with word from our partners at The Side Gallery in Brisbane, that they are working with their artists to add to our FOUND! exhibition. Artist introductions will happen over the next few weeks, and to be honest their responses today made me a teeny bit emotional especially when their studio companion photos started rolling in. Oh my DOG, we are going to have some smiles with this one.

And some of our Bundaberg artists will be smiling as The Side Gallery has given us the opportunity to show some works as part of a FOUND! Studio Dog satellite exhibition in October!

Clicky-click to follow The Side Gallery on Facebook, on Instagram, or head to their website to email for their exhibition newsletter.

I’ve just set my alarm again. Hope you’re doing okay out there.


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