Sabrina Lauriston | Simba the kitten

Sabrina Lauriston, Ego #19 Loneliness, 2017, pinhole photograph

Sabrina Lauriston is a professional photographer who works near and far, across the Bundaberg region and in her beautiful homeland of Italy. Sabrina’s stunning professional projects are only eclipsed by her creative pieces, and like so many of us, both avenues are in quarantine for now. This year Sabrina added a crazy ginger kitten to the mix, and the images she shares with us are pure delight.

Sabrina, what is your art practice? 
I make photographs for a living and in the last decade I have used film photography as a tool to express myself. When I was younger I was a painter and in love with all the printing techniques, from dry point to screen printing.  

Who are your studio companions?
My studio companion or better, trouble maker, is Simba, a 9 months old ginger kitten. Simba was adopted by my daughter Megan but as I work mostly from home, he became my trouble assistant and the biggest cause of lack of concentration while I am working. He also works as my personal paper shredder – even the good paper!  

What are you working on in your studio now? 
At the moment I have a few things that I am working on including portraits of artists with my pinhole camera—suspended now because of the isolation— and I’m experimenting with combining photography and different media. Plus I’ve been ‘scribbling’, I’m feeling inspired to paint what I am trying to express with my pinhole camera. 

How has the current imposed isolation changed what you’re doing? Has something really surprised you during this transition to ‘artist in quarantine’?
I am a very social person but also I love my solitude. I am trying to look at this bad situation in a positive way; the world has paused for an uncertain duration and now is the time for planning, creating, studying, and completing what we’ve left undone.

Any special news about your art practice?
In March I was invited, for a second time, to the Fremantle Art Centre as Artist in Residence, continuing my research into capturing the essence of people’s ego. I’m also working with the Neighbourhood Centre in Hervey Bay on the Make Hervey Bay Home project as mentor and portrait photographer. The group was inspired by my work on Foreign Land, and their project will be on show in Hervey Bay in 2021.

I have submitted a lino cut print to the curator Fabio Mazzieri in Sienna for inclusion in a book inspired by Sienna writer Federigo Tozzi’s Bestie (beasts). Around 80 artists have been assigned one beast to create in black and white. Mine, a gold fish, will come to life in print the pandemic is over.

Sabrina and assistant Simba!

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