Gina Davey | 5 memories

Gina Davey, Jo Williams – Artist, Philosopher, Author, 2019, oil oncanvas, 130 x 130cm.

I suspect, over the years that I’ve lived in this region (Bundaberg/Wide Bay/Central Queensland), that I’ve stood in the same arts function as Gina Davey and not known who she was! And I will have been standing in front of one of her works … wanting to know. Gina, we gotta meet! 😀

Gina is one of the quiet powerhouses of practice in this region. She currently doesn’t have any animals in her studio, but she shared with me the importance of the 5 dogs she had in her life during some solitary years in her studio.

This act of remembering has come up a lot in the last few weeks as I’ve been speaking to artists. Old family stories; the ridiculous and unruly dogs of our childhood, the pampered princesses of our now. And as our own dog ages here at FOUND!HQ, and now limps horrendously from a huge and fabulous life, we also enter into the reminiscing. It is human nature to seek out relationships, despite the inevitable farewells.

In Gina’s work I see the power of her relationships – this could be an overreach as we don’t know each other. So perhaps her work evokes in me, a sense of connection. Her portraits, her 3 dimensional works, are executed so beautifully. That alone is moving. And I can’t wait to see what Gina is bringing to the central FOUND! Exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery.

You can follow Gina on instagram @gina.davey or check her website here.

Gina, what is your art practice?
I am a visual artist working in both 2d and 3d and in a variety of mediums. The majority of my work is based on global issues and subjects I feel passionate about.

Who are your studio companions?
Due to the loss of the last of my 5 studio dogs, my current studio companion is my partner, David, is also an artist. Unlike my past Studio companions, this one often offers opinions, creates demarcation disputes and hides things when you need them.Then again, he’s handy when you need a model or an extra pair of hands to hold a pair of pliers, so I can’t complain too much. 

(Ed: hmmm, a studio assistant with opposable thumbs would be handy!)

What are you working on in your studio now?
I’m currently working on a series of works for an exhibition in December which came about from an art residency on K’gari last year. This will be my second series and I’m approaching it in a totally different way than the first. I’m working on some 3d as well as several pieces of sculptural wall art.

How has the current imposed isolation changed what you’re doing? Has something really surprised you during this transition to ‘artist in quarantine’?
I’ve been in isolation before and have always been a bit of a loner so I didn’t think much would change. I did have visions of being able to immerse myself, uninterrupted, for months and coming out the other end with a large body of work. So far, that hasn’t exactly happened and I’ve found it difficult at times to focus with so much happening in the outside world. 

Any special news about your art practice?
Currently I’m exhibiting at Cross Gallery in Bundaberg and will have work in the Bundaberg Regional Gallery and exhibiting again at Gatakers Artspace in December and January.

Bruiser the wonder dog and Sophie the studio dog 😀
Gina Davey, Heaven’s Gate, 2019, mixed media, 12 x 12 x 25cm.

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