Robert Brownhall | Basil + Chippy

As a fledgeling emerging artist in the early 2000’s, I exhibited at the amazing and now legendary Doggett Street Studio. Scott and his crew created a rentable space in a beautiful old building in Newstead that provided an opening, a … Continue reading Robert Brownhall | Basil + Chippy

Lin Martin | ZeZe + India

FOUND! artist Lin Martin is a long time friend, once-upon-a-time work colleague, and fellow artist-in-isolation. Lin has taught me much about words over the years, and has helped me craft the questions I plan to ask other fellow artists-in-isolation over the coming weeks and months. Lin’s work spans 40+ years and she’s always shown me it’s okay to be like a dog with a bone when pursuing an idea, and have a bloomin’ good lie down when you’re done or if it’s not working. We both think it’s funny and, as it turns out, essential to have these ferals in … Continue reading Lin Martin | ZeZe + India

FOUNDing Dog Blog

This is more like teaching a new dog old tricks but with the world being a little upside down and inside out right now, we’re harking back to the Land of Blogging as (hopefully) a great way of reaching wider with our Art Trail project. 😀 If you’d like to follow the blog (click the follow thingy + below) you’ll receive a treat to your inbox whenever we post. There will be chats about artists who have joined the project, their studio companions, or the companions they’ve adopted. We’ll sniff out guest artists to talk about their work, and the … Continue reading FOUNDing Dog Blog