John Honeywill | Gus

Gasp! Apologies, I have to collect myself. Look at this sublime work by Brisbane artist John Honeywill. John’s work will hang in the central venue at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and we know there will be many community connections to … Continue reading John Honeywill | Gus

FOUNDing Dog Blog

This is more like teaching a new dog old tricks but with the world being a little upside down and inside out right now, we’re harking back to the Land of Blogging as (hopefully) a great way of reaching wider with our Art Trail project. 😀 If you’d like to follow the blog (click the follow thingy + below) you’ll receive a treat to your inbox whenever we post. There will be chats about artists who have joined the project, their studio companions, or the companions they’ve adopted. We’ll sniff out guest artists to talk about their work, and the … Continue reading FOUNDing Dog Blog