Marcus Bree | Phantom + Louie + Zorro

Marcus Bree, Flat pack city

One of the Covid Conversations that emerged early in the mixed media soup was the importance of the arts during lockdown—the music, the podcasts, the books, the on line everything we escaped into—as artists and designers watched their prospects and incomes race quickly away from them like a retreating tsunami wave.

If you’re moving a palm-perfect mouse right now, tapping a comfy keyboard key, or sliding a finger on a perfectly shaped screen to scroll the heck away from this blog, then you’re in the hands of a 3D designer.

I met Marcus Bree in a fabulous soup of turtles, dinosaurs, coral reefs, bunya nuts and spinnifex as we kneaded and massaged content into some kind of visually digestible form. The food references are apt as we ate a LOT of sugar to make some ideas flow better! In little to large public displays, along with writers, we made the 2D comprehensible, while Marcus made sense of the space… always focussed on the 3D physical experience, the conceptual and the aesthetics. He raised the bar of every project we worked on and so it’s no surprise to see him turn his personal projects into the Little Building Co which now distributes beautifully crafted models – straight from his workshop to all parts of the world.

Seriously! Click on this model of the Guggenheim in NY or the Opera House in Sydney. I know! You will see Marcus’s work in Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery from 28 August.

Marcus, what is your art practice?
I design and make things so I guess I’m a designer maker. I enjoy the problem solving side of my work as well as the design and manufacturing and process it involves.

Who are your studio companions?
I have three assistants. Phantom, 6, a Weimaraner (loves everything I do), Louie, 4, an Italian greyhound (has no idea what I do) and Zorro, 12, a big grey cat (doesn’t care what I do)

What are you working on in your studio now?
I’m currently working on an Interpretive Centre in Muttaburra and some new architectural model kits. I tend to have a number of small projects in development at any one time. 

How has the current imposed isolation changed what you’re doing? Has something really surprised you during this transition to ‘artist in quarantine’?
It’s obviously made it harder to work with other artists and manufacturers. Like many people in a small creative practice, I enjoy and value working with others when the chance arises. I didn’t realise how important this actually was to me.

Any special news about your art practice?
I have been working for a number of months on signing a US distribution agreement, prior to the shutdowns, which was potentially quite exciting. We have been moving this forward and have been looking into some interesting ways to launch products and raise our profile despite all that’s going on. 

Ed: Gaaaaaaa! We can’t wait to hear news that this is going forward, Marcus.

Phantom takes a break, Zorro inspects the Packing Department, and Louie awaits instructions!
Marcus Bree, marquette for Riversleigh Shade Structure.

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