Jay Feather | Jack + Bear

Jay Feather, Tropical Neon, 2020, oil and acrylic on canvas, 140cm x 200cm.

There is one geographic high point in Bundaberg, an ancient volcanic remnant rising to only 96m above sea level. I know, it’s not precipitous 😀 Yet, from there, you can look out across the vast patchwork of crops that fill our important food bowl, and out to the beautiful ocean where the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef blows kisses to the northern tip of Fraser Island.

From this small rise bubbles a joyous and energetic flow of work from artist Jay Feather and I think its easy to see the influence of reef, sea, plant life and a love of where she lives, in her mark making. Jay exhibits at The Gallery in Peregian Beach and also has available works on her Big Cartel site here. Jay’s work will be FOUND in Gallery One at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery from 28 August to 18 October.

Jay, what is your art practice?
I am a expressive abstract painter. I work full time as an artist and I am a mum. I live at the Hummock overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sometimes I play with clay and also love doing large scale art installation works. 

Who are your studio companion?
I have two Studio Dogs – my puppy Bear (6 months old) and Jack who is 6 years old. They are both Border Collies. Jack is a rescue from the RSPCA, he has a lot of strange quirks and is a very anxious dog.  He is beautiful and we can’t understand why anyone would have given him away. He is the calm one in my studio and happy to laze under my feet while I paint. 

We recently found Bear after I had a miscarriage trying for our second child. It has been the best thing for me during this time and a perfect addition to our family, and the perfect company for Jack.  

What are you working on in your studio now?
I am working on a bright, popping fluorescent commission piece, and getting ready for another exhibition in September which will focus on botanical works. Hopefully it will be in Toowoomba… ssshh… it’s still being finalised and I will be working with another creative for this exhibition. I hope it will still go ahead despite all the Covid restrictions. 

(Ed: we hope so too Jay)

How has the current imposed isolation changed what you’re doing? Has something really surprised you during this transition to ‘artist in quarantine’?
Actually, I just had my solo exhibition Tropical Neon at The Gallery – Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast. Even though it wasn’t open to the public, people where still able to walk past and look into the gallery through the windows*. So, I was happy that the works where still able to be hung and on display.

I told myself I would be happy just to sell one work during these times with Covid. The gallery were really great and set up online shopping through their website. I ended up selling over half of the works, and I am so grateful as I didn’t think people would be interested in buying art during these times. I think a lot of the people who purchased works were wanting to enhance their homes because they are there more lately – art really does have that ability to transform a space and the feel of a home.  

(Ed: This gives us all hope Jay, thanks for sharing, as many of us see our exhibitions go online for now. *Yep, did this, it looked fabulous and the space is delightful. We’ll keep you posted on news of Jay’s September show.)

The Studio Dogs on beach duties.
BEAR! and Jay

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