FOUNDing Dog Blog

This is more like teaching a new dog old tricks but with the world being a little upside down and inside out right now, we’re harking back to the Land of Blogging as (hopefully) a great way of reaching wider with our Art Trail project. 😀

If you’d like to follow the blog (click the follow thingy + below) you’ll receive a treat to your inbox whenever we post. There will be chats about artists who have joined the project, their studio companions, or the companions they’ve adopted. We’ll sniff out guest artists to talk about their work, and the (p)awesome humans who work in all sorts of ways with all sorts of support creatures.

None of us ever imagined that the year we started a community and regional art project exploring the solitary nature of how artists do what they do, would be a a year when we find ourselves more solitary than ever.

The FOUND! Studio Dog | Exhibition and Art Trail is intended to be actual, it may end up virtual, and either way we’d love to hear from you and hear what you’re up to. For now it’s sit, stay, work, rest for us all. It’s hard to get the right words in the right order for what’s happening now, but we hope you can stay safe and well, and that you have someone you can call on.

Studio Dog, Sunday, the expert on rest!
Watercolour piece in progress, with gelli-printed washi paper, on Arches paper, by Adrienne

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